About us

"Simplify everyday life for small businesses on the move"

Our business concept is to offer small businesses broad, accessible and investment-free IT services through subscriptions in order to optimize administration linked to workflow.

Jobbile is a software company. We have been around since the spring of 2011 and currently offers the mobile work order system Jobbile.

Jobbile Maria Gabrielsson

Maria Gabrielsson

I have for 10 years worked at large companies with planning, supervision and monitoring. For support, I have always had solid information systems and an IT department I could contact as soon as something malfunctioned.

In my day, I had constant contact with various entrepreneurs and small businesses. It struck me often how they struggled with all the paperwork. They were out all day, working hard on their core business and then managed the administration in the evenings and weekends. Their invoices for work performed lingered and when the invoice finally arrived, it needed too often to be supplemented. I asked myself how many of these companies survived as payment for services provided often arrived late.

Jobbile Jan Gabrielsson

Jan Gabrielsson

I have a Master of Science and have a extensive experience from the Software industry. I have managed the team responsible for the ecommerce sites within LiveNation Entertainment. This included domains such as www.ticnet.se, www.billetnet.dk, www.billettservice.no, www.ticketmaster.nl, www.ticketmaster.de and www.admission.com and www.lippupalvelu.fi


Wellness Manager that keeps hardest on routines. Lunch Walk every day that ends with a nice nap under the desk.